Giglio Island: the Concordia has been righted | VIDEO


At 4 o’ clock on Tuesday morning, September 17, the official announcement: the rotation of Concordia ended successfully, the wreck is now back on a new perch. Franco Gabrielli, the head of Italy’s civil protection agency who oversaw the project gave this communication to the world along with the project managers for the Costa, Franco Porcellacchia, and for the consortium Micoperi, Sergio Girotto. Meanwhile, outside, support boats to operations sounded their sirens. And also in terms of environmental, problems were not revealed.


The rotation and the righting of the ship is the first step to take it away from Giglio Island, not before the spring, however. On the emerged side of the ship there are clear signs of the rocks. The next step is to put the wreck in safety, to enable technicians to enter and start the works. Priority is finding of the two bodies still missing.


In the video the righting in timelapse – BBC